Health Tips

More and more people are accustomed to carrying wet paper towels, before meals or in public places, at any time to wipe out to replace hand washing, think this is easy and hygienic, even mistakenly think that disinfection can be sterilized. But wet tissues contain a variety of additives, excessive exposure can cause skin allergies, the best disinfection method or wash hands with soap and water rinse.

Many consumers believe that "wet wipes" as the name implies should be paper-quality. However, the main raw materials to produce wet paper towels are non-woven fabrics, the main ingredient is polypropylene grade pp. Therefore, the use of a lot of wet wipes not only wasted precious oil resources, but also discarded after the decomposition, easy to cause new "white pollution".

The liquid content of wet tissues generally is about 80%%, the main ingredient is water and additive. In order to avoid the reaction of water and liquid, the water used in wet tissues must be treated with special water such as refined water and pure waters.

Because wet tissues contain a variety of additives, exposure to excessive preservatives, alcohol and other chemical constituents, prone to contact dermatitis and other skin allergy problems. And the general people use wet wipes will not wash hands again, the chemical composition will remain in the hands, especially against children. A study in the United States also suggests that when wet tissues are reused, they are not able to remove bacteria, instead of transferring some surviving bacteria to the contaminated surfaces. Therefore, to note, it is best to rub a new surface to change a paper towel, not to use it to wipe the eyes and other sensitive parts.

Medicinal disinfection Wipes Wet wipes in addition to the general wet wipes skin, skin care function, can be widely used in public places of the Ministry of the Clean disinfection of opponents, to effectively prevent harmful bacteria to the human body.