Diaper selection and purchase

Well-known brands production of diapers quality reliable, most people will be well-known brands as the first choice.

The type of diapers can be classified into cloth diapers and disposable diapers in terms of material. Cloth diaper absorption and dense degree of good, not easy to cause skin allergy or diaper rash, but cleaning, carrying inconvenient; disposable diapers the advantage is convenient to carry, do not have to wash, but have allergic skin must be replaced by the baby.

Sex-differentiated diapers, according to male and female baby urine spray position as the focus of design, the front of the boy baby diapers thicker, female baby diapers is the rear thicker.

Diapers inside the best do not have any additions, first to dry, easy to absorb water, leakage of good people are excellent.

If you choose to use a new cloth to make diapers, first to pay attention to the new cloth cleaning, rubbing, disinfection, drying after the baby to use. The texture should choose cotton material, color should be selected light-colored system, such as white, light pink or pale yellow can be, avoid using deep color, especially blue, purple, black, cyan and other colors.

Diaper length thick suitable. Baby Two legs long time clamping diapers may cause lower limb deformation, and urine after wet easily contaminated navel, causing umbilical infection. Be careful to pay attention to length and thickness, too long too short too thick too thin. Note that the baby and the baby's diapers differ, the baby's diaper in the front of the perineum cushion thicker, female baby can in the buttocks slightly stacked several layers of diapers, increasing the moisture absorption of special parts of the baby.