Cotton diaper and bamboo fiber diaper

There is reason to believe that in all baby diapers, cotton diapers have the longest history. From the beginning of my memory, the impression of children is cotton diapers. Now, we do our own mothers, but our mothers insist on giving their grandchildren cotton diapers. Now we all know that chemical fiber fabrics will stimulate the baby's skin, water absorption is not good, so now diapers are basically cotton fabrics. Winter season with cotton, more used to adapt to the infant's temperature.

Bamboo fiber diapers are used in recent years and popular diapers, characterized by a more soft and breathable, with natural antibacterial function, not easy to produce odor, easily washed and other characteristics, by the mothers welcome, but relatively cotton diapers, higher prices, use cotton diapers and bamboo fiber diapers can effectively avoid the baby to produce red fart, because the two kinds of diapers better permeability. Summer is suitable for use bamboo fiber, cooler.