Adhesive Product List


Cellulose esters, vinyl polymers (polyvinyl acetate, polyvinyl alcohol, perchloroethylene, polyisobutylene, etc.), polyesters, polyethers, polyamides, polyacrylates, a-cyanoacrylates, polyvinyl alcohols Acetal, ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer, etc.


Epoxy resin, phenolic resin, urea-formaldehyde resin, melamine-formaldehyde resin, silicone resin, furan resin, unsaturated polyester, acrylic resin, polyimide, polybenzimidazole, phenolic-polyvinyl acetal, Phenolic-polyamide, phenolic-epoxy resin, epoxy-polyamide, etc.

Synthetic rubber type

Neoprene, styrene butadiene rubber, butyl rubber, sodium butadiene rubber, isoprene rubber, polysulfide rubber, urethane rubber, chlorosulfonated polyethylene elastomer, silicone rubber, etc.

Rubber resin type

Phenolic-butyronitrile rubber, phenolic-chloroprene rubber, phenolic-polyurethane rubber, epoxy-nitrile rubber, epoxy-polysulfide rubber, etc.

Adhesive products

Hardening glue, potting glue, silicone rubber, polyvinyl chloride glue, general epoxy glue, modified epoxy glue, insulating glue, polyimide glue, modified phenolic glue, acrylate glue, insulating tape, double-sided tape , high temperature tape, special tape, die-cut tape, other

Adhesive raw materials and additives

Diluent, curing agent, vulcanizing agent, initiator, accelerator, plasticizer, toughening agent, softener, tackifier, foaming agent, crosslinking agent, repair agent, accelerator, antioxidant, mildew proof Agent, reinforcing agent, catalyst, filler, adhesive, desiccant, detergent, rust inhibitor, emulsifier, polymerization inhibitor, coupling agent, anti-aging agent, antifoaming agent, thickener, oxidizing agent, flame retardant , photosensitizers, preservatives, lubricants, emulsions, monomers, auxiliaries, solvents, synthetic rubbers and elastomers, natural polymers, synthetic resins, others

Adhesive making equipment

Dispensing machine, vacuum pump, transfer pump, condensing equipment, kneading equipment, emulsification equipment, kettle equipment, grinding equipment, testing equipment, loading and unloading equipment, laboratory equipment, mixing and dispersing equipment, storage tank equipment, heating and auxiliary equipment, other equipment

Adhesive packaging

Coders, labeling machines, liquid filling machines, paper product packaging, sealing and packaging machinery, paste filling machinery, iron listening (barrel) packaging, plastic and composite packaging, packaging and other consumables.