Colorless Odorless Low Tempreture Baby Diaper Construction Glue Petroleum Resin Hot Melt Glue for Disposable Diaper Production

Product Details

Colorless Odorless Low tempreture Baby diaper construction glue Petroleum resin hot melt glue for disposable diaper production

DESCRIPTION   Hot Melt Adhesive

FEATURES:  Construction adhesive for disposable hygiene products.

                       Pressure sensitive adhesive with excellent adhesion to PE and NW.

·May be applied by spray or multibead, or slot

·Transparent when coated

·Low odor

·Light color

·Low viscosity


Brookfield Viscosity (ASTM D3236)         R&B Softening Point (ASTM E28)

About 2100 mPa.s @ 160℃                                 About 69℃

Gardener Color (ASTM D36)    Suggested Runing Temp

     About 3.0                               150 – 165℃


STORAGECan be stored 12 months in a clean dry place, in its original package at an average temperature of 25℃ or below. Storage temperature should not exceed 35℃. 
CLEAN-UPMineral oil or paraffin wax, not to exceed flash point as stated on the MSDS, followed by a thorough purge with the adhesive itself. 
PACKAGINGAvailable in film wrapped block (about 1kg or 2kg). 

MSDS should be consulted for proper handling before use. 

Wear safety gloves and goggles when handling molten adhesive. 

TEP 960 compositionally complies with FDA 175.105. 

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