100% Virgin White Untreated Wood Fluff Pulp Roll in Pulp Diaper Raw Material for Making Disposable Baby Adult Diaper Production

Product Details

Product name: 100% virgin White untreated wood Fluff Pulp Roll In Pulp diaper raw material for making disposable baby adult diaper production


a. Southern softwood species promote excellent absorption properties.

b. Carefully controlled process conditions providing a pulp that processes consistently with uniform disintegration.

c. Elemental chlorine free bleaching sequence

d. Easy Shredding for low energy consumption and versatility across a wide variety of equipment.



Pulp Properties


Absorption Proerties


Basic Weight, g/m2


Scan Absorbency Test


Density, g/cc


Absorbent Time,sec


Mullen, kPa


Absorptive Capacity,g/g


Moisture, %


Specific Fluff Volume,co/g


Brightness, % ISO




Dirt, ppm




Fiben Length, mm



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