Raw Materials Airlaid Paper

Raw Materials Airlaid Paper
Product Details


Product name
air laid paper
Weight45-500 gsm

Min Width 40mm


1.2-1.4mm, based on 45g-120g

TD Absorbency (mm/100s)


Tensile strength (MD)(kn/m)

Moisture content≤10%
Wet tensile strength >60%
PH  value5.5-8.0


used in daily life, making personal hygiene, medical and health care,industrial use, etc.



1. Absorption of water, oil and other liquids quickly

2. Standardization of packaging can reduce warehouse costs

3. Point break style processing, easy to use

4. With a dedicated paper tray, and more convenient to use

5. Reusable and durable, cost savings

6.Mainly made of wood pulp and fiber,  A new type of hygienic material.

7.It has a strong capability of absorbing wet,  especially when mixed with a definite proportion of SAP

8.Absorption of water, oil and other liquids quickly

9.Durable,high water absorbability

10.Can be Pluffy also can be compaction.

11.Can add SAP inside.

12.Lower produce of tiny dust,lower content of ion.



Total gram, SAP percentage, Width, Absorptive capacity, ect can be customized.


Welcome to contact us, Free samples are available for you test.

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